SHOW ME YOUR STETHOSCOPE is a Nurse founded and Nurse run organization.

We seek to engage Nurses, all Healthcare Professionals, and the public in order to create pathways for advocacy for Nurses and patients. By taking a grassroots approach to systemic issues affecting Nurses at the local, regional, and national level, we believe that the collective power of millions of Nurses, engaged and empowered, can create positive change in the Nursing profession and in healthcare.

We support the personal and professional needs of our nursing members and even create philanthropic opportunities for members through education, missions, volunteerism, and generous giving.

Nurses take care of patients, we take care of Nurses.

We Find & Fund

Our members have risen to the occasion to help those in need. We have provided meals and a tranquility room for first responders and nursing staff after the shooting in Las Vegas. We have stood by Nurses assaulted in the line of duty, we have provided medical aide via medical missions, we have responded when natural disasters hit, and every year we help bring Christmas to children that would not otherwise have it.

We Build Networks

We partner with others in the industry to bring opportunities to our members and to further the profession by advocating for Nurses and Patients.  Our network of partners include healthcare companies, professional organizations, and Universities, and other healthcare professionals.

We Strengthen

We are a fierce advocate for Nurses and Patients. We unite as one voice to advocate for safe staffing, to advocate for practices that protect healthcare workers from violence in the workplace, and for solutions to issues that increase patient harm. 

what our members say


Show Me Your Stethoscope is one of the only organizations that has the ability to suit every type of nurse. From supporting grassroots initiatives to the steps of Washington, SMYS is there to support each and every one of us. If it matters to us, they make it their mission

As a student nurse I found leadership and guidance in other members of SMYS. I was able to participate in a mission trip, and support professional nurses during the fires in Paradise in California. As a student I was able to obtain educational resources through SMYS partners and even earned a scholarship that helped pay for my books and supplies. I love being in an organization where my voice is heard, and I hope to grow my career and circle of nurses with SMYS

I love what I do. It’s who I am. After a long day, a terrible shift, when I’m ready to give up and change careers, its my fellow SMYS members that save me. They understand that giving my all will never make me feel okay, and that my patients are more than just that. I love this field because everyone I am with share the same passion I do. Regardless of a terrible day, I’m never alone, and SMYS is there for me 24/7.

IMpact Projects

1st Medical Mission to Ghana

Together we served over 800 villagers in four different rural communities in the Volta Region of Ghana. On this trip, we treated a wide range of conditions including but not limited to skin infections, respiratory infections, wounds, minor aches and pains, sexually transmitted infections, and many cases of malaria.

2nd Medical Mission to Ghana

Over the course of six clinic days (two days each in three different remote villages) we evaluated and treated 1065 patients. Conditions treated on this mission included but were not limited to hypertension, diabetes, skin infections, respiratory infections, wounds, minor aches and pains, sexually transmitted infections, and many cases of malaria.

Safe Nurse Staffing

Since 2016 we have collaborated with NursesTakeDC to educate the public, our colleagues, and our legislators about the importance of safe staffing and how understaffing harms Nurses and our patients.

A Tranquility Room in Las Vegas for Healthcare Workers

Months after the tragic Las Vegas shooting, front line Nurse were still grappling with the stress and emotional trauma of working the mass casualty. SMYS members stepped up by financing a sanctuary room in the hospital. It was designed by Nurses for Nurses to offer a place for them to rest, decompress, and find tranquility for a few minutes during their often chaotic shifts.

Responding to Natural Disasters

When Hurricane Harvey hit the Gulf Coast, SMYS members were among the first on the ground rendering aid, organizing and coordinating supplies and other needs. SMYS partnered with Physician Moms Group to raise money to rebuild infrastructure and area schools. Once again the Nation of Nurses rose to the challenge of helping those in need when disaster struck.

Adopting Families for Christmas

SMYS members have adopted hundreds of families to provide Christmas gifts in the form of toys, clothes, and books, for children that would not otherwise experience the magic of Christmas. Some of these families suffered great losses from fires, natural disasters, unexpected death of loved ones, or having to suddenly deal with a disease leaving them unable to work.

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