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Transforming Healthcare Through Telehealth Webinar – earn contact hours*

Medical professionals are adapting quickly to shifts in patient care and telehealth services promise to allow millions of Americans to seek the care they need when they need it, from the safety of their own homes. Can your organization embrace this emerging technology? Do you have the tools to transform your services while maintaining the same high-quality care? Find out during our upcoming webinar series. Join Dr. Virginia Moore, core faculty member in Walden University’s School of Nursing, for an informative three-part webinar series exploring telehealth as an integral component of today’s professional health care practice. WATCH NOW

Compassionate Preparation and Rejuvenation for Clinical Nurses Webinar – earn 1 contact hour*

During this webinar, nurses will learn about the concepts of compassion satisfaction, compassion fatigue, and burnout. Examples specific to the COVID-19 pandemic will be used to emphasize these points. Dr. Mary Bemker-Page, scholar and practitioner, provides a tool kit for nurses to plan and implement strategies for developing self-compassion and self-care that build resiliency to enhance compassion satisfaction and professional quality of life. WATCH NOW

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