Today, we made a difference together.

Today, we made a difference together.

A sister nurse who is the the single mom of a deaf child as well as his younger brother told us she couldn’t feed her kids. She asked us to send grocery money instead of Christmas presents for her kids through our Operation Reindeer Games program.

We are in the middle of a pandemic. This nurse had her hours cut by 20% for the last several months. Her kids were exposed to COVID and she is quarantined for at least two weeks. Her ex hasn’t paid child support in months.

She can’t work her second job because her children cannot be left with just anyone. Her oldest relies on American Sign Language and lip reading to communicate. In the age of COVID, when he has been exposed to COVID, what ASL interpreter is going to care for him mask-less?

We are hearing these stories more often these days. Nurses are working this pandemic with spouses who have lost their jobs, cutting their income in half. Food is scarce, they are having trouble keeping the electricity on. They are asking us for diapers and wipes, because this necessity is currently beyond their means.

How does anyone care for critically ill patients while wondering where their next meal is coming from? While wondering who is going to care for their vulnerable child? Why aren’t our employers assuring that we are ok? How can they furlough nurses when they aren’t making their usual big money for elective surgeries? Have they no conscience whatsoever?

Why are we disposable?

So we asked you to informally Venmo and CashApp a few dollars so we could buy groceries and essentials for that family. The SMYS Admin team arranged the particulars.

You cared for a vulnerable family in our Nation of Nurses. You made a difference immediately. Today. Children won’t go hungry tonight because of you. A member of this Nation of Nurses won’t worry about feeding her children tonight because of your generosity.

Together, we can do anything.

Thank you.

Love, Janie