Thank you for your interest in being an official member of the Nation of Nurses! There are several ways for you to interact with us as an official member.


Join us on our Social Media platforms, handy icons to them can be found below. We have a closed, private Facebook Group with over 600,000 members that interact with each other every day.

Sign-up for a free membership on Nurses Lounge, powered by Show My Your Stethoscope. Allow us to bring the Nursing Profession to you by joining us on Nurses Lounge. Here are just some of the things we bring to you on Nurses Lounge.

  • Create a Dashboard and we’ll deliver the nursing profession to you!
  • Sit back and relax in the Nurses Lounge. We deliver the nursing profession on a clean dashboard based on criteria such as location, specialty, education, and other important criteria. 
  • 40,000 nursing jobs and 5,000 hospitals on a job map just for nurses.
  • 12,000 nurse and nurse practitioner CE courses for specialties and state requirements. 
  • 800 online & graduate nursing programs.
  • First ever ANONYMOUS Ratings & Reviews of schools and employers just for nurses.
  • Publish professional articles and research on a network just for nurses.
  • A personal calendar that brings important events to you. Never miss out on a chance to advance your career. 

You can create your dashboard by clicking the link above or by clicking the logo below. We can’t wait to see you there!